Anat Schreiber

Born in 1960.

Studied Graphic design at Betzalel - College of Art & Design in Jerusalem, Israel (1983/4), followed by a period of four years of studying Chinese Medicine, Zen Shiatsu, Daoism, calligraphy and the art of zen gardens in Japan and Taiwan. Since my return to Israel, I have dedicated myself to treating people in Chinese medicine & teaching Daoism.

Since 2000, I have returned to creating art. For the last two years I have been drawing with Japanese ink on masonite boards as part of my exploration of the appearance of unconcious patterns in the perception.

This challenging technique was prompted by the desire not to succumb to the static characteristics of painting, but to create a new and dynamic dialogue with the creative process and be skillful at it.

As in Zen art, I am occupied with nature, animals  and their spiritual and mythological meanings. I am trying to express the dual existence of velocity and suspension with tranquility, acceptance, numbness and death. In the words of Rothko "Womb, tomb and everything in-between". 
I am aiming to point at the existence of a soulful & spiritual quality in relation to animals and to the intrinsic aesthetics of posture and movement of creatures on earths.

The perpetuation of  internal images thru this tecnuque, enables me to bring to light, a question, a hidden mystery.It is something within me that witnesses the existence of a spiritual essence and is reflected on the onlookers who identify it.