We, Anat and Fito Schreiber, open for all those of you interested, a wide range of  knowledge & practice in the healing traditions, Chinese Medicine, Internal martial arts & movement practices of the Far East. Through the deep insights of Qi gong & Tai Ji practice we offer a way to expand our human potential for healthy life in all levels & harmony with the universe by discovering & enhacing our physical, mental and spiritual abilities.

We believe that the unity between mind and body, and the ability to experience life to the fullest, is possible and available to each and every one of us. 

During a four-year stay in India, Japan and Taiwan in the mid 80's, we met, studied and trained with special, world-renowned spiritual, healing and martial arts Masters . We managed a health pension in the forests near Kyoto, learned how to play koto and Shakohachi. ... to do art work with ink ... we developed an international sense of humor ... and got a perspective on ourselves and the human soul and it's spiritual abilities. We learned Japanese and Chinese with respect for the cultures and teachers we learned from. We practiced from morning to night and were accepted as family ( Nei jia) by Masters who later came for visits and workshops in Israel & Europe with us.

When we came back to Israel in 1989, we decided to create a Dojo- a space that would incorporate the Dao of the unified spirit and our strengths and knowledge in Chinese medicine & movement. Our center is located in the beautiful area of Tivon in the north of Israel. Anat continued to develop in western Psychotherapy and the center also includes a  Multidisciplinary clinic. 

Our many years of experience, rooted in years of personal development and studies in the Far East and also, the love of life, are reflected in all activities of - Tao space.

Individuals and groups undergo a process of strengthening and developing  from the sources of Dao perception, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, martial arts and Chinese movement that we teach in workshops, seminars & lessons around the globe. ( zoom & skype aswell ).


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